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Capture real life objects, remove or change background and save images easily.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the most amazing technological advancements of the age.

Combine the power of AI and AR to easily GRAB / copy and save any object without a background.

GRAB AR is the revolutionary App that allows you to copy any object and then save this as an image to your device with no background. You will be able to copy and save reality using AR and advanced AI technology.

With GRAB AR you can choose to save the copied image as a transparent png to your device for later use or you can save the image with a real-time background! If you want to create an Image from several different AR images and any existing photos using layers, this can also be done with the included GRAB AR STUDIO.

Do you want to create some awesome social media content? Do you want to visualize how products will look in another space? Are you tired of hiring editors to remove backgrounds from your images? How about getting background-free images for your retail store or website?

No matter what the nature of your needs is, it is time to enter an era of modern AR background removal capability. The revolutionary GRAB AR App is breath of fresh air for social media creatives, photo editors, blog owners, and online sellers alike. As one of the most versatile AR Apps, this App has so many use cases.

How to use GRAB AR

  • Download and launch the GRAB AR App
  • Select focus on the object you want to GRAB / Copy
  • Press and hold until the Image is Copied
  • Release to show the options: Save AR Image, Save with Background or Discard
  • Access GRAB AR STUDIO to create unique images using layers of AR Images and your own photos

Features of Grab AR – Background Remover AR Camera

  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use AR App UI/UX
  • Smooth controls and easy navigation to experience AR and AI
  • HD photo camera image results for capturing real object images
  • Save images with no background
  • Two-in-one image capture and photo background eraser App
  • Precise AI camera scanning to detect and capture objects in real time
  • Option to save the no background images as transparent pngs for future use
  • Option to save copied images with a real-time background
  • Safe, secure and private background AR App suitable for all age groups
  • GRAB AR STUDIO to maximize creativity
  • Enjoyable, Entertaining and Fun!

Are you ready to enjoy the convenience of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence combined in a two-in-one background changer and remover app? If yes, try one of the best AR Apps today. Download and use GRAB AR to experience a practical use of AR and AI in now!

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